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rapidkeyword features
The following are some of the powerful features of RapidKeyword. For detailed descriptions and functionality of any of these features please consult the online manual.

Keywords Finders

Built-in Overture Keyword Suggestion tool (includes searches/month data) Meta Tag Parser, finds already carefully researched keywords in web pages Find potential keywords on hundreds of relevant webpages Yahoo Related Keywords spider Extract Google Suggest Keywords Powerful typo generator based on 7 different typo formulas Metacrawler related keywords spider Competition Analyzer

Find out how many competing ads are running on Adwords, Overture and Miva for your keywords Sort your keywords by the number of competing ads in Adwords, Overture, or Miva. Find out how many pages are there in Google for your keywords. One click view of live keyword query in Google, Overture or Miva.
Keyword Management Tools Split your keyword lists into smaller files, or a specific number of keywords per file Merge several keyword lists into one list Eliminate duplicates from your keyword lists Filter out keywords that include undesired words or stopwords Remove a list of specific keywords from your master keyword list Wrap keywords for use on Google Adwords (exact, broad and phrase match) Combine word lists to create keyword phrases.


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